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  • Envertias Group, London: Writer of Google Trips travel guide to Lisbon; researching and writing about locations in Mexico, Brazil and Germany for the Google knowledge panels.

  • Roads and Kingdoms, New York: Writer of travel content about Lisbon.

  • Central America Report, London: Editorial board member and feature writer.

  • Plays International Magazine, London: London fringe theatre reviewer and feature writer.

  • The Scotsman, Edinburgh: Edinburgh fringe and London theatre reviewer.

  • Voluntary Action Waltham Forest, London: Editor of Voluntary Views magazine.

Academic Editing
  • University of Coimbra, Centre for Social Studies: Editing of the book 'A Sea Full of Life: Visions from the Azores' by Alison Neilson.

  • Institute of Philosophy, Nova University, Lisbon: Editing of texts for the book 'Pessoa and Philosophy' by Bartholomew Ryan.

  • Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of the Built Environment: Editing of a book by Professor Jacob Voorthuis about philosophy in architecture.

  • Contemporary Music Review: Editing of academic essays by non-native speakers.

  • Nova University, Lisbon, Faculty of Social Sciences: Editing of academic texts by non-native speakers.

  • Nadja Tröger, Clinical psychologist, Lisbon: Editing of academic psychology texts.

  • Alberto Hartmann, University of Leipzig: Editing of academic texts on post-colonialism.

  • Sophie Pahlke Luz, Nova University, Lisbon: Editing of master's thesis on Tennessee Williams.

  • Sara Hartmann, University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: Editing of PhD thesis on Freud and the surrealists.

  • Ana Lucia Sa, Centre for International Studies, ISCTE, University of Lisbon: Editing of academic essay for Routledge publication on post-colonial theatre.

  • University College London, Faculty of Laws: Editing of academic texts for publication by Basak Cali, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Human Rights.

Journalism & Arts Editing
  • Dedalus Books, Peterborough: Editing of translated novels in the Dedalus Africa series.

  • Oberon Books, London: Editing of book ‘Pina Bausch: The Biography’.

  • Hay Festival, Lviv: Editing of publication of book festival conversations

  • Al-Araby Media (London/Paris/Cairo): Editing of journalistic texts by non-native speakers

  • Epistemonikos, Santiago, Chile: Editing for the medical website ‘Salud con Lupa’.

  • CINTCOM Foundation, Geneva: Editing of scientific text about blockchains.

  • Al-Jazeera Media Institute: Editing for guide to social media video.

  • Culture Department, Authority of North Rhein-Westphalia, Wuppertal: Editing of texts about European culture projects.

  • PACT Zollverein Theatre, Essen: Editing of texts for the book ‘Music Theatre Now’.

  • Eyewitness Media Hub, UK: Copyeditor for white papers on journalism.

  • Gulbenkian Institute, Lisbon: Editing of English language texts for ‘The Harvard Gulbenkian Dialogues’ on Portuguese cinema.

  • International Theatre Institute, Berlin: Editor: of programme and publicity texts for Stockholm Music Theatre Festival 2013.

  • The Trades Union Council, London: Editor of the publication ‘What does Localism mean for Civil Society and Public Services?’

  • Artist Unknown/’Flaunt-it’, London: Writing and editing of press and marketing materials for artists’ projects.

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