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Fair Trade Heroin - Dedalus Books, 2022

The Taliban are poised to take control of Afghanistan. Foreign NGOs are recalling their workers, but Gwen has no intention of leaving. She’s just met a blue-eyed opium trafficker called Syed, and together they’ve devised a plan. Fifteen years later, in London, Gwen’s daughter Nadia has no interest in the Afghan father she never met, until her mother’s behaviour becomes even more erratic than usual.

A story of teenage angst, youthful idealism and mid-life doubt in two different worlds.

‘Sublime in its rawness, elegant in its outrage and compassionate in its fury. A damn good novel’

Ece Temelkuran, author of A Time of Mute Swans and Women who Blow on Knots

‘Brilliant, playful, timely and wise.’

Elanor Dymott, author of Every Contact Leaves a Trace and Slack-Tide

Short fiction in anthologies



Shoe Box - Justo Custo magazine, ETC Projects, 2022

Survivor - Story Cities, Arachne Press, 2019

The Last Tree - Words for the Wild, 2018

Listen to The Last Tree read by Simon Scardifield here

Full Powers - Stories for Homes 2, 2017

Horrible Sunshine - She Said He Said I Said (New Writing Scotland 35), Association of Scottish Literary Studies, 2017

Butter Fish Parrot Fish - ‘Shoe Fly Baby,’ The Asham Award anthology, Bloomsbury, 2004

A Tasmanian Tiger in London - The Macallan/Scotland on Sunday Short Story Collection, Polygon, 2002

Short fiction online


In the Air on Paper Ghosts (Winner of the 2021 Paper Ghosts Story Contest)


The End of the Line on Fictive Dream


Aiming High on Litro


Shoe Box on The Pygmy Giant

Milk on Words for the Wild

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