Co-Wives, Co-Widows (French title Coépouses, co-veuves) by Adrienne Yabouza, Central African Republic, Dedalus Books, 2021. 2019 PEN Translates Award Recipient.

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The Desert and the Drum (French title Le tambour des larmes) by Mbarek Ould Beyrouk, Mauritania , Dedalus Books, 2018. Recipient of a 2017 PEN Translates Award, shortlisted for the Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize 2019

'Translator McGill has found a register that is at once simple and precise, conveying images that spark both surprise and recognition' 

Ann Morgan, A Year of Reading the World

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 Avenida de Liberdade by Corina Lozovan and Démarche by Raquel Rafael, Portugal (short stories), for the European institute of the Mediterranean, Barcelona, 2019

Ten Ways to Reach the Stars (Portuguese title 10 Maneiras de Chegar ao Céu) by Catarina Fonseca and The Cats of Poço dos Negros (Portuguese title Os Gatos do Poço dos Negros) by Valério Romão for the anthology Tales and Trails (Ler e Ver Lisboa), EGEAC, Lisbon, 2016

The Goal-begetting Women of the Andes (Spanish title En los Andes las campesinas siembran goles) by Marco Aviles for the collection The Football Cronicas, Ragpicker Press, London, 2014 

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The Horizon is a Poetic Lover by Fatou Diome, Whoever knows the Desert... by Samira Negrouche and The Fiction of Heavy Metal Borders by Fran Ilich, for the book Mauerreise, Steidl Verlag, Göttingen, 2009


41 Stunden -  by the company, KNPV Theatre Company, Bern, 2016

Als das Meer einer Einladung nachzukommen durchaus imstande war - by Stefan Wipplinger, Goethe Institute Barcelona, 2016

Fahrrad, Hose, Frau -  by Stefan Wipplinger, Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt, 2015

5 Morgen - by Fritz Kater, Union of Theatres of Europe, Paris, 2013 

Schnee - by Hassan Savas Mican andOliver Kontny, Husets Theater, Copenhagen, 2012

Blinde Punkte, Sterne -  by Mathilda Fatima Onur, Royal Court Theatre, London, 2012

Die Unsicherheit Der Sachlage - by Philip Löhle, Royal Court Theatre, London, 2009 

Der Fremde - by Lorenz Langenegger, Royal Court Theatre, London, 2007

Time of the Tortoise (Die Zeit der Schildkröten)  - by Kerstin Specht, Theatre 503, London, 2006. Published by Oberon

Aquabar - by Johanna Kaptein, Royal Court Theatre, London, 2006

Marieluise - by Kerstin Specht. Winner of The Gate Theatre Revelations Translation Award, 2004. Published by Oberon

'It is easy to see why Rachael McGill won the Revelations Translation Award for this work, it is beautifully judged and often very poetic and imagistic'

Philip Fisher, British Theatre Review

Nepal - by Urs Widmer. Shortlisted for The Gate Theatre Translation Award 1998.

Journalism & Academia

I have translated for the following organisations:

from French - Orient XXI, Paris;  Al-Araby Media, London/Paris/Cairo; Éditions Auzou, Paris. 

'Rachael's translations for The New Arab are always extremely well written and researched. She deals with complex political commentary and challenging source texts with ease and accuracy. Rachael has always delivered her work on time and is an excellent communicator, flagging any issues or concerns'

Katy Stone, Opinion Editor, The New Arab.

from German - Goethe Institut London, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Barcelona, Beirut, Johannesburg and Lagos; WEHR51, Cologne; Kader Filmproduktion, Munich,; Wark Clements, Edinburgh; PACT Zollverein, Essen; International Theatre Institute, Berlin; Culture Ministry North Rhine-Westphalia; University of Leipzig; The Association for Jewish Culture in Sweden; University of Edinburgh; International Literature Festival, Berlin.

from Spanish - English National Opera, London; The Royal Festival Hall, London; Reina Sofia Art Gallery, Madrid.

from Portuguese - Universidade Nova, Lisbon; Editora Abysmo, Lisbon; Gagarin, Antwerp; Editora Manjericon, Lisbon.