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Chats about Change

So I'm beavering away on my new translation and novel, still no theatre-related news as nothing has changed since last March. But I do have a new non-fiction project I'm looking for help with...

This project is to gather conversations between mothers and daughters (or grandmothers, mothers and daughters - I’m interested in all ages of participant from older teenagers upwards) about their personal relationships with and experiences of social and political change. It’s an invitation to discuss how you both feel about those things and tell each other stories, rather than to have an abstract debate about specific issues.

The eventual aim is to bring all the conversations together in a book. I'm trying to get as much variety as possible in terms of age, background, nationality, lifestyle, family situation etc, so please share this with friends far and wide.

You can download a document here with more thoughts about how your chat might work and suggested questions, but I'm also happy for you to do your own thing.

You can e mail your recording or written notes to me (see contact page). If your chat wasn't in English I can arrange translation. Any questions just get in touch. Hope you can be part of it!

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