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A little survey


Can I bother you to fill in a quick (hopefully interesting) survey?

Thanks to those who've tried out having my conversations about change between mothers and daughters so far - your responses will still be part of the project, but it has now evolved, and I hope it will be much easier for people to do!

If you'd still like to have a conversation as before, please do, but I've also now created an online survey here that people can complete individually. There are not many questions, but I'd love it if you could think a bit about them, try to be really honest and tell me some nice can come back to the form and edit it before you submit it.

Please also share this with your mother or daughter as I'd love to have different generations represented, but you no longer have to do this, and you also no longer have to be a woman to complete it, so please share it with EVERYONE, especially friends/family of different ages and in different countries! The questions are in English but can be answered in any language.

We'll see what it turns into...


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